After the Sermon: Anger

I have just turned 39. Around my birthday I get reflective on where I am at in my life and on what I would like to accomplish moving forward. As I have just preached on anger, I have been asking myself if I have turned completely away from it.

Paul writes in Colossians 3:8 to turn away from anger. Full stop, just turn away from it. As we discussed in Sunday’s sermon the initial feelings of anger are not sinful. Anger is a signalling emotion that alerts us that something is wrong, which also means that it is pointless to stay angry. Once you know what is wrong, seek to fix the problem. Turn away from anger and do something productive about what is wrong.

Let the initial anger you sometimes feel towards injustice or when someone crosses one of your boundary lines drive you to become a better person. Do what you can to establish justice, clarify your boundaries and forgive the other from your heart.

As for cultivated or sustained anger, don’t go there. I have spent too many years as an angry person, and I can testify that it isn’t worth it. I am glad to say that by God’s grace I don’t sustain or cultivate anger like I used to. Thinking about where my life is, I have realized again how I don’t want anger to have any place in my life. I want to turn completely away from it. Don’t wait for your birthday or new years to turn away from anger. Do it now.

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